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Rules and Regulations for Traders and Participants
August 12 -- 21, 2011
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This is a Fur Trade Rendezvous reenactment camp, a living history event. All Trade Goods, clothing and visible camp gear must comply. Our standards will not be unusual, but they will be enforced. If you don't know what that means, you need to ask a lot of questions and follow advice. If you do know what that means, dress right and make your camp look good.

Please display trade goods, camp gear, shelter and clothing of the 1750 - 1850 era.

Everyone must be in period clothing while in camp.
All pets must have proof of a current Rabies vaccine, and be leashed at all times.

Important: Parents, please watch over your children.
There are two deep rivers and several ditches and ponds near Howell's Encampment, dense undergrowth and wildlife. Rattlesnakes, though rare, do live in the area. Children should be closely supervised at all times.

General Information:
Camps:  Conduct:
Moving On:
Basic Rendezvous Rule #1: "The Booshway's word is Law"

Our Philosophy:
"The primary focus of the event shall be historical reenactment. Everyone shall be encouraged to engage in research, historical scholarship, creative production of historical clothing and camp accouterments, conservation of artifacts and historical locations, and enjoyable fellowship with other like-minded people. Everyone shall endeavor to hold him or herself forward publicly as an exemplary member of the reenactment community, leading by example at all events in matters of dress, manners, and judgment."

General guidelines:
  • Books and references on the era are much appreciated and always encouraged.
  • There are absolutely no vendors allowed in the tin tipi or parking lot area.
  • Signs must be of appropriate size, materials and colors.
  • Jewelry items should be constructed of traditional materials and reflect the fur trade era.
  • Artwork must relate to the era. 
  • Please do not display items that are inappropriate to an Historic Rendezvous event, even if they are "common" at other events. 
Food Vendors:
  • As this is a closed, private camp, as far as we know, you do not need a Montana State food vendors permit ($60.00). But to make sure, call (406) 446-1694. 
  • You may use a gas, charcoal or propane stove provided it is silent and not visible.
  • Fire extinguishers required for cooking vendors.
  • Please keep your food and operation as "authentic" as possible: 
    • Paper containers only; no plastic or Styrofoam.
    • Please use period containers for condiments.
    • No modern "company logo" items ("Pepsi" cups, etc.)
    • No modern prepackaged food or drink products (Snickers, Doritos, Pepsi, etc.)
As always, in case of a dispute that cannot be resolved with your peers, the Booshway will make a decision. His decision will be final and enforced by the dog soldiers. Please work together and negotiate to avoid the need for enforced adjudication. 

Camp Fee: $55
Paid pre-register before July 1, $45
No additional fees for traders or Food Vendors!

Montana 1830's Encampment
P. O. Box 1033, Red Lodge MT 59068

Richard Gessling, Booshway, (406) 425-3785


Howell's Encampment homepage

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