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Howell's Encampment rendezvous
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Latest Update: February 23, 2011
Howell's Encampment Rendezvous
August 12-21, 2011, Rockvale, Montana

Costumed participants only / Invitation Only -- NOT open to the general public
Richard Gessling, Booshway / Jerry Fahrenthold, Segundo
Sponsored by the Rocky Fork Brigade of the Rocky Mountain Men (RMM) / Shoot by the Rocky Fork Free Trappers
This will be a rendezvous like we had in the 1970s & 1980s where if you want music, seminars, demonstrations, canoeing, kids games, hawk & knife throws, archery, camp games, etc, then you should organize and be responsible for them. We will have a bulletin board to post events. Please inform us if you wish to organize an activity. Everyone who has been here can tell you this is a wonderful camp location, with hundreds of cottonwood trees, lots of shade and grass.There is plenty of wood on site. You are responsible for your own drinking water, ice and anything else you require. Ice, water, gas, food, etc. is available nearby at Ft. Rockvale (10 min.) or Laurel (20 min.) We will have four port-a-potties on site.

The site is located on the historic Rocky Mountain Fur Company brigade campsite that was used in 1836 and 1837 by Jim Bridger and Joe Meek, as written in Osborne Russell's "Journal of a Trapper" and James B. Marsh's "Four Years in the Rockies, or, The Adventures of Isaac P. Rose of Shenango Township, Lawrence County, Pennslylvania." A brigade of 60 trappers, 20 Delaware & Shawnee, 1 Nez Pierce and many Crow are known to have camped at this confluence of the Clark's Fork and the Rocky Fork.
If you need more information than this website provides, please contact :

Older news:
Howell's Camp living history event "Program." Full color in PDF format.
(requires the free "Adobe Acrobat Reader" program to view.)
If there are to be any future events, they won't happen without "A Few Good Reenactors" to help out. If you have the gumption, get in touch with us.
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